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Our Products

Achieve timely detection and prevent serious consequences when fall accident happens.

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Candy Cotton

Bridging the gap in elderly communities

Falls in private areas


Blind spots, where a fall happens in private areas, other people are not aware of it

Limited manpower in eldercare organizations

Senior Patient with Walker

Seamless integration into existing CCTVs within the premise

“Early detection and timely intervention

can make a difference.”

-World Health Organization (WHO), 2007

Candy Cotton

Our Products

Privacy-Protected Sensors

Thermal toilet2.jpg

Designed for private spaces (e.g. bathrooms) to ensure the elderly maintains their privacy (dignity of care)

Software for CCTVs

CCTV area coverage.jpg

Wide and clear coverage of the common areas to ensure falls are attended to as soon as possible

Suitable for various locations (can edit or make the fonts smaller)

Candy Cotton

Care for the people. Lift up the community.

Elderlies & Families


HomePal is the personal care buddy that ensures elderlies' safety is constantly in check. With the instant alert system in place, HomePal provides peace of mind for families when elderlies are alone.

Nurses & Caregivers


HomePal is the care partner that relieves manpower constraints in eldercare organizations. With detection capabilities in private spaces,  HomePal relieves the worry of unattended falls while maintaining dignity of care.

We Empower Seniors & Caregivers To....



Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair
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Learn how HomePal can assist your organization in caring for your elderlies

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